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Creative Coffee Break brings creative thinkers from all professions together to share their knowledge and experience.

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Connecting and collaborating with some of the best creatives in their respective industries.
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Get Help from Experts and fellow Practitioners

Watch live on your schedule to get help from experts and fellow practitioners on your biggest challenges.


Learn to trust your intuition and become more mindful

Have you ever had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right, but you weren’t sure what it was? That is your intuition, and every week on the Creative Coffee Break we’re going to talk about trusting it.


Become a creative leader

By learning to solve the problems you face, you’ll have a meaningful impact on your organization and the world around you. We're sharing our experiences and advice to help you be more effective.

Hosted by: Werner Puchert

Your ideas are worth something

Join us to turn the ideas in your head into action. We’re all trying to solve interesting problems. Let's collaborate to find practical and creative solutions to help you solve tough challenges in interesting ways.

Join Werner and his guests to get the latest on creative problem solving, technology, design, startups and more

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